Youth Athletes

Youth Strength and Conditioning

While we primarily work with high school age athletes here, we also work with motivated, hard working middle school athletes. Years and years ago, many myths were circulated regarding strength training and young athletes. Since that time, these myths have been disregarded in scientific research, yet can still be heard of from time to time. The following pdf available for download has the top 5 myths of youth strength training with science backed research by the leader in youth strength training, Dr. Avery Faigenbaum in case you have any questions.

If your athlete has the DESIRE to prepare for competition (the desire MUST come from the athlete, not the parents), he/she is welcome to train at OA Athletics. We believe in building a solid foundation for young athletes by teaching proper exercise form, movement mechanics, and instilling a strong work ethic that will carryover in the ever important high school sports arena. Click here to contact us.

*Worried about the (completely false) “growth plate” issue? Click here.

Unofficial National YOUTH Deadlifting record