Welcome to The Sports Lab

We have some exciting news in the works, and we want you to be the first to know: On October 1st, OA Athletics will become The Sports Lab.  This article will tell you why, followed by some Frequently Asked Questions to explain what this change means for you and your clients.

Why are we changing our name?

There are a couple of reasons actually. One is practical. While we love that “OA” stands for Overcome Average, OA Athletics is hard to remember and doesn’t quite roll of the tongue. As we grow, we strive to not only put out an excellent and memorable product, but also have a memorable name.

We’ve grown together over the past 4 years and learned and tweaked alot. We wanted to find a name that accurately reflects what we do and how we serve you, our community.

The Sports Lab reflects that. One thing that separates us from other performance centers and trainers is our commitment to the Sport Science of athletics and performance. We understand it, we are on the cutting edge, and we implement it individually based off of our athletes’ and their needs. We are committed to strengthening your strengths and shoring up your weaknesses, not just making a profit.

We are a set of coaches who are knowledgeable in sport science as well as former or current athletes that truly enjoy seeing our athletes improve and reach their athletic ceiling.

Our new logo shows a beaker representing the science aspect of what we do. Far too often coaches and lifting programs are simply “lift as much as you can and hope for the best”. We recognize that is a poor use of time and athlete effort and make sure that what we program out science backed, proven methods for improving athleticism in your sport.

We are energized by this name change, and we will be focusing that energy on continuing to serve you the best we can. Constantly researching new ways to make you better, providing the best customer care, and delivering the best experience you can find in the industry. We are The Science behind the Sweat.

Read on for answers to questions that you might have about our upcoming name change and what it means for you.

When will this change be taking place?

We will officially switch over to our new The Sports Lab name and web address October 1st. Making a change like this is a tall order, so if you see an old logo, we may have missed it.

What is the new URL?

Our new URL (web address) is https://www.SportsLabLLC.com. Right now, if you visit this address it will redirect you to the sportslabllc.com site. After June 1st, it will be the reverse.

Why now?

We have grown strictly by word of mouth over the years thanks to You. Our goal is to expand our reach through various means to serve and help improve as many athletes and teams as we can. Changing our name to The Sports Lab accurately reflects how our business is different in addition to being easy to remember and say.

Will my training experience change?

Yes it will. But not all at once and it will be for the better. We have some exciting new programs and plans that are being worked on to make sure we are offering the best performance coaching in the Chicagoland area.

Will you be selling shirts?

Some of you have seen our new logo and shirts and are constantly asking for shirts. We hear you! Shirts will be part of the new program we are implementing so they may take a little while longer to get, but we promise it will be worth it!

Can I still refer people to The Sports Lab?

Yes you can, thank you! Although we go through the name change, we will still be accepting athletes and members who desire to improve through consistent effort and great coaching and programming.

Will your social media change?

Yes it will. We are planning to roll out various weekly/monthly series on making YOU a better athlete. Please find us @SportsLabLLC on Twitter, facebook, instagram, and YouTube.