Pricing and Expectations

Everyone at The Sports Lab will receive an initial testing consultation, and we will develop an individualized program for you based on those results. You may train with other athletes, or you may train by yourself, dependent on your sport/needs.

NOTE: WE DO NOT ACCEPT EVERYONE. We look for a commitment from hard working, motivated athletes who desire to improve themselves and those around them (we would rather have a hard worker who DESIRES to be successful, instead of a highly skilled, lazy athlete). Because of the commitment required to build a DOMINANT ATHLETE, we do not offer “sessions”, we offer membership to encourage consistency. The Road to success is paved with consistent, unwavering hard work, and the greatest athletes do not get where they are by training “every once in a while”. They reach great heights by being dedicated.

Just as mastering your sport or career doesn’t happen overnight, neither does becoming a powerful, fast, and strong athlete. It requires commitment and hard work.We will provide the roadmap, coaching, and guidance. You provide the work and time.

*Sibling Discounts are available. Each additional athlete will receive a 15% discount.