Fargo, WHI and The Opening Congratulations

Fargo, WHI and The Opening Congratulations

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Congratulations to all of the Fargo Winners, All-Americans, and Qualifiers!


Jered Cortez, 126, Freestyle

Austin Gomez, 94, Greco


Austin Gomez, 94, 2nd, Freestyle

Dante Rodriguez, 126, 4th, Greco

Jon Marmolejo, 126, 5th, Greco

Brian Murphy, 152, 7th, Freestyle


Pat Augustyn

Colton Wegner

Congratulations also go out to Brian Allen for being selected, and doing great at Nike’s The Opening! Brian improved his Sparq Rating from a 73.95 in May, to a 92.64 in July!

And finally, congratulations Aidan and Chase for winning the 2000’s Bauer Hockey Invite, and Quinn and Joey taking second in the 1999 division!

Congrats Aidan and Chase! (BauerSelects.com)
Congrats Aidan and Chase! (BauerSelects.com)


Congrats Quinn and Joey! (BauerSelects.com)
Congrats Quinn and Joey! (BauerSelects.com)


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