FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Do you only lift weights?


No, we don’t.

Our goal is not to become better weight lifters, our goal is to help make you better athletes. In addition to weight lifting, we will sprint, change direction, jump, bound, stretch, condition, and much more. We utilize a research backed holistic approach to help you perform better.

How often should I train at The Sports Lab?


That depends.

We will test you and give you our Sports Lab Rating. Once we test, we will have a better idea of your training age and level.

Generally speaking though:

-If you’re a novice trainee, we recommend 1-2 times a week. In addition to training with us, we will give you some training homework to do on your own.

-If you’re an intermediate or advanced trainee, we recommend 2-4 times a week, depending on your sport season and schedule.



I’m in. How do I get started?


The first step is a testing and assessment. We offer that 4 days a week at various hours. Please sign up here:


Testing and Assessment

What should I bring?


Bring shorts, a t-shirt and athletic shoes(ideally cross trainers, not running shoes). Bring a water bottle and be prepared to train hard!


What sports do you work with?


We work and help improve athletes from all sports.

While we have developed a reputation preparing Hockey, Wrestling, Women’s Soccer, and Football players for competition, we are well equipped to work with athletes of all sports. Whatever your goal, we can help you.

What’s the difference between training at The Sports Lab and having my child train at their school?


Good Question. We have a few answers.

As youth sports become more and more competitive, the need for an edge has never been greater. As such, Club and School teams have started implementing Strength and Conditioning Programs. While some are good, unfortunately, most are lacking in some areas.

Many programs have coaches who are not well versed in proper technique and who are not certified which can lead to decreased performance and injury. 

At The Sports Lab, our coaches have decades of experience improving athletes’ performance as well as helping them avoid injury.

Due to large team numbers, the coaching ratio is high and the programs aren’t individualized.

If you are a QB, you will train to be a better QB. If you’re a goalie, you won’t train like a forward. Each one of our athletes’ programs are individualized to help them improve. In addition, our coach:athlete ratio is significantly lower, ensuring individualized coaching and expert instruction.

Expert Guidance

Unlike most Club and High School programs, we have high level experience and the knowledge of what it takes to get to the next level athletically. Whatever your goal, we can help you get there.

Why should I train here?


For a variety of Reasons.

If you’re an athlete, you should train here to get better. You should train with us if you want to separate yourself from the competition, to increase your odds of playing time, skyrocket your confidence, decrease your odds of injury, and build a healthy, lifelong habit.

If you’re an adult, you should train here if you’re tired of the treadmill. You should train with us if you want to challenge yourself, get in incredible shape, become stronger both mentally and physically, and get healthier for yourself, and your family.

Will lifting weights stunt my child’s growth?


Short answer: Absolutely not.

In fact, Current observations indicate no evidence of a decrease in stature in children who regularly perform resistance exercise in a controlled environment. Furthermore, a growth plate fracture has not been reported in any youth strength training study. If appropriate exercise guidelines are followed, regular participation in weight-bearing physical activities , such as strength exercise, will likely have a favorable influence on bone growth and development during childhood and adolescence.
At The Sports Lab, We will make sure your child has been properly instructed in all technique, and they will never start using weights before they are ready.