Congratulations Austin on winning Tulsa Nationals!

Congratulations Austin on winning Tulsa Nationals!

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Shout out to Austin for winning Tulsa Nationals and dominating the whole way through! Congrats Austin!


Credit to Youth1:

Recap: CF Athletic Tulsa Nationals

Written on Wednesday, 23 January 2013 Written by Ryan Lance

(Youth1 Wrestling) – The 2013 CF Athletic Tulsa Nationals conclude over the weekend and the action was nothing short of spectacular. Known as one of the toughest events in country, over 2,000 wrestlers from 40 representing states traveled to Tulsa, Oklahoma to participate in the event.

Three wrestlers kept their hopes and dreams of a Trinity Award alive as they added another World of Wrestling Roller Production championship to their resume.

Mason Turner, Paxton Rosen and Griffin Qualls each took home championships in their respective weight classes to pull within one more win of capturing a Trinity Award. These three wrestlers will look to accomplish the feat later this spring when they compete in the final leg of the series, the CF Athletic Reno Worlds.

Tanner Cole picked up a big victory in the 82-pound championship as he outlasted Virginia State Champion Collin Gerardi to capture his first Tulsa National championship. Josiah Rider claimed his second consecutive CF Athletic Tulsa National title as he defeated teammate Joseph Quintana in the 125-pound championship.

Also impressing was 145-pound champion Kane Williams. This Michigan native took home his first CF Athletic Tulsa National championship when he defeated Charley Genisio of Team Central WC.

Below is a look at how each of the brackets placed out:

1 Mason Turner- Team Turner
2 Cody Phippen- East Kansas Wrestling Club
3 Michael McAteer- Purler Wrestling Academy
4 Boo Dryden- Boos’ School Wrestling Club
5 Patrick McKee- Pinnacle Wrestling Club
6 Spencer Hutchinson- Ubasa Wrestling Academy

1 Tanner Cole- Edmond Generals
2 Collin Gerardi- VA Team Predator
3 Peter Jr Ogunsanya – Harvey Twisters
4 Connor Brown – Purler Ultimate
5 Hunter Matney – Mile High Wrestling Club
6 Jason Hanenberg – Steel City Elite

1 Austin Gomez – Gomez Wrestling Academy (GWA)
2 Kaden Gfeller – Edmond Generals
3 Tanner Skidgel – Casia Hall
4 Andrew Merola – East Hanover NJ
5 Drew Mattin – Ohio Grapplers
6 Ian Timmins – Damonte Ranch Mustangs

1 Paxton Rosen – Edmond Generals
2 Kyran Hagan – Purler Wrestling Academy
3 Kennedy Monday – Cowboy Wrestling Club
4 Nate Keim – Collinsville High School
5 Ben Freeman – Michigan Select
6 Dalton Abney – RAW

1 Alec Hagan – Purler Wrestling Academy
2 Jose Tapia – Santa Fe Patriots
3 Tanner Litterell – Tuttle Takedown
4 Jarrett Jacques – Eierman Elite
5 Clayton Berry – Wentzville Holt Wrestling Club
6 Thomas Lisher – East Kansas Wrestling Club

1 Garrett Rowe – Choctaw
2 Austin O’Connor – Eierman Elite
3 Joshua Wyland – VA Team Predator
4 Jaryn Curry – Edmond Generals
5 Dalton Duffield – Westmoore Jaguars
6 Hunter Shelton – Victory Athletics

1 Jacob Fontanez – Cardinal Wrestling Club
2 Brik Filippo – Westmoore Jaguars
3 Tanner Kuketz – Star Wrestling
4 Corey Shie – Golden Cross
5 John Jimenez – Sand Springs Team Big
6 Christopher Sandoval – Steel City Elite

1 Josiah Rider – Mile High Wrestling Club
2 Joseph Quintana – Mile High Wrestling Club
3 Hunter Willits – Steel City Elite
4 Brady Jones – Broken Arrow
5 Dylanger Potter – Waxahachie TX
6 Johnathon Ball – Greatbend Wrestling

1 Caleb Little – The Wrestling Academy
2 Chase Shiltz – Young Bucks
3 Trae Workman – Fallon NV
4 Trenton Schultz – Mile High Wrestling Club
5 Blake Mattioda – Broken Arrow
6 Aryus Jones – Junction City Wrecking Crew

1 Kane Williams – Michigan Select
2 Charley Genisio – Team Central WC
3 Jake Lanning – Pontiac IL
4 Spencer Richmond – Owasso
5 Jason Beebe – Young Bucks
6 Jake Malchuski – Heights Wrestling Club

1 Jelani Embree – Michigan Select
2 Zane Black – Iron Eagle
3 Isiaih Page – Broken Arrow
4 Jacob Warner – Champaign Wrestling Club
5 Luke Hodsden – 3F
6 Jaden Gilmore – Yukon Youth Wrestling

1 Quinn Miller – The Wrestling Center
2 Anthony Capul – Team Brawlers(Kansas)
3 Mark Duley – TCSW
4 Roc Robbins – Collinsville High School
5 Seth Mischler – Tulsa Union
6 Dylan Prince – Pittsburg Wrestling Club

1 Cody Adams – RAW
2 George Bessette – Lakeland Predators
3 Michael Rosales – Fort Gibson Tiger Wrestling
4 Delvin Jordan – Sand Springs Team
5 Logan McDorman – Owasso
6 Alex Martin – Kaukauna Grappling Ghost

1 Griffin Qualls – Coweta Takedown
2 Trenton Lieurance – Broken Arrow
3 Connor Haff – Sand Springs Team
4 Chance Lamho – East Tulsa Cardinals
5 Zack Ankney – Wildcats X-treme Team
6 Corey Lynch – Mountain View Wrestling Club

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