Baseball 60 yd Dash

Baseball 60 yd Dash

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*UPDATE. Sam just ran a 6.9!

Just wanted to say congrats to Sam, an athlete here at OA. Sam has been working really hard since coming here 6 weeks ago to prepare for baseball college showcases, specifically a sub-7 second 60 yd dash (the average MLB time is 6.9). His best time previously was 7.18 and this weekend here ran a 7.03! We are almost there.

To improve his speed quickly, we used many things but here is a quick list of 5.

1. Sprint. Many people forget this fact. You can be as strong as you want, but if you don’t move at 100% occasionally (in our case, once a week) you won’t get fast.

2. Posterior Chain. When he first started, he couldn’t do a glute ham raise, which is normal for most people. Now, he’s knocking out sets of 8. Between GHR’s, RDL’s, Hip Thrusts, and many other Posterior Chain exercises (Glutes, Hamstrings, and Lower Back) brought down his 60 time.

3. Plyometrics. We used a good amount of depth jumps to minimize his ground contact time.

4. Strength. We didn’t do any plyometrics until we brought up his strength base. Front squats were the primary compound lift.

5. Technique. So few people understand how to properly accelerate (hint, it’s not with an upright torso or short, choppy strides!). Once an athlete learns to take long powerful strides at a ~45 degree angle, their time goes down! !


Those are just a few tips to decrease your sprint times. Let us know if you have any questions!

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