Adult Training

WARNING: ONLY open to serious, no-nonsense Men and Women committed to working hard and being consistent. If that is you, then YOU WILL SEE RESULTS!!


While The Sports Lab primarily caters to Athletes, we do have some space for individuals who:

-Miss their high school or collegiate athletic experiences and wish to continue training like that

-Are tired of the typical gym scene of treadmills, machines, and INTENSE BOREDOM!

-Are looking for a fun, challenging workout designed to make them look and feel great!

-Want to feel more energetic and look and feel younger

-Want to build lean muscle and incinerate fat!

-Want to be around like minded and MOTIVATED individuals pushing you to be your best!

If that sounds like you, come check us out! Click here to contact The Sports Lab.

Adult Training Testimonials


I met Gabe in September 2008 and have been training with him ever since. Weight loss success is achieved when you are able to combine diet with a proper exercise regiment. To me diet is the hardest part of training. All it takes is one event to ruin your diet goals for the week. Gabe has helped me by being available at any time to help me maintain my program.

Beyond being a certified strength and conditioning coach, I know Gabe also has a bachelor’s degree in Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise. He has helped me understand how the calories I take in affect my weight loss goals, along with helping me understand what foods to eat/avoid and their nutritional values. This is why using Gabe as a coach is an added bonus.

Gabe can help you drop as much weight as you need in no time. All it takes is your determination to do it and he’ll motivate you the rest of the way through. He has definitely pushed me to levels that I did not think I could attain. I have become extremely strong training with Gabe since September, and have lost a total of 70 pounds.

I firmly believe that Gabe has helped me reach my goals and can help you reach yours.
He will keep you accountable and motivate you on those days when you want to give up!

-Lyndsi Weise


After 10 years away from fighting due to lack of mobility & speed caused from injuries, Gabe’s got me back feeling great & fighting again. I fought 3 times last year & all of the guys I fought were 10+ years younger than me. It felt great to be quicker and have better conditioning than all of them.

-Mark M.


I just want to thank Gabriel Salinas for helping me reach my goals… His no nonsense, old school hard work approach has helped me break some mental and physical barriers I’ve been dealing with… Gabe’s approach produces results because it is clear, sensible and enlightening and nothing like I’ve heard before. Gabe provides the clarity, insight and tools necessary to refine your game.

I’m actually on my way to being an athlete! Through my hard work and dedication, and Gabe’s know-how I’ve lost 30 lbs in a couple of months and the weight has stayed off!

I still remember my first few weeks of training, and not even being able to do half of the session without wanting to pass out to being able to work through an actual full session! I’m really looking forward to continuing working with Gabe this year, and hopefully my first MMA fight! Without having met Gabe that might not been have been possible.


-Ralph R.


Hey Gabe,

Thanks for the great results.

Four months ago I weighed in at 189 lbs. with blood pressure at 138 over 89. Sticking to the change in eating habits and workouts you planned. I now weigh in at 149 lbs with blood pressure at an awesome 100 over 64! My resting heart rate is also now 51 bpm.
Considering I am 42 years old and now can boast that I have six pack abs, I feel better than I did at 30!

You’re the best!

-Mark G.

As a risk management professional, I am impressed with Gabe’s attention to the safety and well-being of his athletes. He is always teaching proper form , spotting us and highly observant of everyone in the  gym. With 1-2 Cues, Gabe can teach a new exercise with proper form to anyone – a 7th grader or pro athlete – in a matter of seconds. Never seen anything like it.


I am impressed with Gabe’s dedication to the science of Athletics, always keeping up to speed on the latest research; happy to share his knowledge when we ask. He cuts through the misconceptions, myths and “broscience” out there, and will develop targeted programs for both his athletes and adults which always push us to the next level!

You’re the best!

-Craig N.